The Mind of an Apprehensive Future Author


So I started this blog, but am I writing enough?
Should I write more? Short stories? Poems? Non-fiction?
Is it worth my time to write those things or should I focus on starting a book?
I have started a book (the first page, really), so now what?
Do I keep going with it?
How do I organize my thoughts? How do I know where to start?
Where do I start with my career?
What types of companies will I be writing for?
Are there writing internships? For a newspaper? Magazine? Publishing company?
How do I find out about those things?
How do I get into the writing loop?
Should I attend writing conferences? Are they worth my time?
What if I run out of ideas?
What if no one likes my ideas?
How do I go about getting published?
How long will that process take?
How many times will I get rejected?
What do I do for money in the meantime?
If I’m working a full-time job, will I even have the energy to write? The time?
Should I try for a “normal” job or a writing job?
What kinds of writing jobs are available for someone like me?
What could I do right now to progress my career?
Should I go freelance? Does that even make much money?
Am I destined to be broke forever?
How will I pay for a house? Probably an apartment.
Where will I live?
Do I need to move to a bigger city with publishing companies?
How will that affect my family?
Will I be able to support a family?
Will I have enough time to spend with them?
Will I be writing constantly, always trying to make ends meet?
Is all this uncertainty really worth it?

Yes. Yes it is.




5 thoughts on “The Mind of an Apprehensive Future Author

  1. As long as you truly believe it’s all worth it, you’re going to be fine. I had similar anxieties, and I still do, but they’ve taken on a different face. It’s strange being a writer. The world seems such an odd place and the only way to make sense of it is by picking up your pen and starting your journey.

    And thanks for the follow, truly appreciate it. I’m going to follow you as well because I like the tone of your blog and it’s nice to be familiar with another writer.

  2. I prefer having my still creative, but not writing job because then I haven’t used up all my writing energies at work. True, you have to make time for writing, but if you really want to write you will. Love this post by the way. Great questions we all ask ourselves.

  3. While all these questions can haunt the recesses of any writers mind, I would suggest you focus on 3 (and only 3) questions –

    1) What have I written today?
    2) Can I make it better?
    3) What will I write next?

  4. Hello, Lee! Thanks for leaving a comment on the same topic I wrote about on my second Racing Thoughts post. Yes, I have the same questions and anxieties like you do, but don’t we all writers do? It’s just good to know that I’m not the only one. I guess we’ll just have to keep going. Writing is both a craft and an art. There’s really no way to get better at it than with daily practice, research, and of course, learning how the great writers do it through reading and careful observation of their work. Wish you the best with you writing. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. Cheers! =)

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