Daily Prompt: Shoulda Woulda Coulda – Enticements

I’m guilty. Yep. There, I said it. I’m guilty.

I let the advertisers get me.

That’s right. I just bought a shirt that I didn’t really need (nor can really afford on my poor college student budget) all because I received an email with a 10% off coupon.

I know. 10% isn’t even that much. Was that purchase even worth it? Heck, the shipping costs were more than the discount itself. But hey, I’m about to have a really cool shirt conveniently shipped right to me (The shirt is for an academic honor society that I’m a part of and says “geek” on the front. Yeah. I had to have it.).

There’s just something about visualizing that little minus sign in my head that entices me to buy things I don’t really need. I’ve been hoarding coupon books and gift cards since I got to college. I tend to be very frugal with my money, though. I can usually tell when something is too expensive and not really worth my time, but show me that same product at a discounted price and I’m all over it. I think it’s a disease.

I know companies have figured this out about people, too. They target us. I can’t tell you how many emails I get throughout the day claiming this sale is seriously the final chance to buy their product at a lower rate, emails from websites I didn’t even know I had accounts with.

Sometimes I can delete the emails right away (New checks? Eh, I don’t need those). But other times (like with the bookstore email claiming 75% off all books. Oh God.), it takes a lot more will power not to drop what I’m doing and buy everything I like. You can see how this might be problematic.

I told you it would be problematic...

I told you it would be bad…

One thing I’ve never given into, though, is Black Friday. I’m not about to be trampled to death by housewives that have sat in line all night waiting for the coveted Victoria’s Secret sale when all they do is jack the prices up to make them seem discounted in the first place. Not my thing.

No, my new guilty pleasure is Groupon. Oh yes, I’ve signed up for deals in two different cities now. And every day, when I get loads of emails about fitness deals and $200 earrings marked down to $20 (seriously?!), I have to genuinely force myself to hit the Trash button. There goes my deal (Not really, I could just log into my account. But I try to take this moment as one of victory).

What’s something I know I should do, but don’t? For the sake of my tiny, tiny bank account, I’ve got to stay away from the discounts.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Shoulda Woulda Coulda – Enticements

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