Daily Prompt: Silver Screen – “Life. Don’t Talk to Me about Life.”

I’m sure many of you have noticed my header image (it’s a bit hard to miss), and what with the current news lately, I figured it’s time I explain it. Yes, the girl in the glasses is me, but the real gem is what I’m holding – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

I don’t remember how I discovered it. Did I watch the 2005 movie adaptation or read the book first? I honestly can’t say – it’s just always been there.

But I think what first attracted me to this book was its playful sarcasm about life. It takes a question we all ask – What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? – (in essence, What’s the purpose of it all?) and alludes to that answer while showcasing the absurdity and hilarity of humanity. What better book to highlight the reason for my blog?

Unfortunately, the author of this life-satire never got to fully experience his own. This past Monday (3/11/13) marked what would have been the 61st birthday of Douglas Adams. And while Google celebrated in typical Google fashion, the literary world mourned the loss of a truly great writer and thinker.

Several of my fellow bloggers paid homage to Adams in their recent posts. In fact, a few things I never knew about Douglas Adams were highlighted in the blog Flight of the Flightless (He wrote for Doctor Who? I knew I loved him for a reason), which only elevated him higher in my mind. Today I write my own post in memory of this influential author and the seeds he has planted for many writers to come.

Events like this remind us of the fleeting nature of life, and just how important it is to discover and learn while we can. Despite how confusing and complex life may seem, we are left with the comforting legacy of Douglas Adams and his everlasting advice: “Don’t panic.” All you need is a towel.

As we all know, this whale’s life was quite fleeting…


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