How Oatmeal Saves your Grammar


Mmm…delicious grammar.


When it comes to the rules of grammar, there really seem to be none. Yes, a general set of basic structure rules exists, but as for the rest of them…they appear to be ever changing. I, for one, can never seem to remember when and when not to use a comma (I can be a little comma-happy…), so it can be helpful to have some little tricks for keeping all these rules straight.

Now, though The Oatmeal is actually a humor site, it actually includes some very unique tips for grammar, ones that I find myself referring to again and again. My personal favorite is the comic for How to Use a Semicolon. The Oatmeal’s humor may not be for everyone, but you can bet you’ll remember those rules whether you find them funny or not.

Check out the website below for hilarious tips on grammar and how to use them. It might actually make grammar fun!


The Oatmeal

Click here to go to the website!



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