Fish, Love, and Companionship

“It is a curious thing, the death of a loved one.”*

Which here means, fish.

Well actually, I suppose he’s not dead yet…

Let’s start over.

It’s a curious thing, the almost-death of a pet fish.

You know death will come eventually, but when a fellow life-form shows signs of distress, you want to help – fish or not.

The relationship between a fish and its owner can be a little complex, though. Fish are not animals with which we humans can cuddle. We cannot hold them, pet them, or let them sleep in our beds – all the signs generally associated with human-to-pet love.

And yet, we become quite attached to them, don’t we? At least I did.

They’re something to be nurtured and cared for as you watch them grow. Your fish becomes your little companion.

And really, who can resist that face?

And really, who can resist that face?

So when something seems off, naturally, you become alarmed.

I’ve had my fish for about a month (a betta named Hemingway), and during that time he’s overcome quite a bit of adversity: being originally stored in a small bowl, then being transferred to a more spacious tank, adjusting to dorm living, and surviving the six hour drive home and back for spring break.

This fish is indestructible.

But after a decently regular weekend, he’s begun to act a tad strangely. He wouldn’t eat for two days and he wouldn’t move from one spot for the whole of Sunday. Honestly, I was a bit concerned.

I tried just about every remedy I could find and yet nothing seemed to cure him. I went to bed last night praying I wouldn’t wake up to Hemingway belly-up.

This morning was better. He actually ate today and has been moving around his tank more. Although he still doesn’t seem quite himself, I remain hopeful.

Despite my feeling utterly helpless, I think this situation shows the kind of lengths some people are willing to go for those they care about. Some pet owners may have been a bit more gung-ho about giving Hemingway a one-way ticket to the ocean, but I, now that I have him, cannot imagine a life without my bright little companion, and I would do anything to keep him happy and healthy. That’s what love is, right?


*A quote by the wonderful Lemony Snicket


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