Charting the Creative Process

The creative process of writers everywhere (or at least me), badly produced and created by yours truly.



Shoot...I forgot "self-loathing"

Shoot…I forgot “self-loathing”


4 thoughts on “Charting the Creative Process

  1. Hey Kid!!! Once again you captured my mind, and sparked my imagination with your posting.

    I have just begun my service as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate), and my 14 year old child is failing literature/englishg…she simply does not read, or write; but she is very bright in math and science. As a CASA I am the only person in her life who only devotes their time, energy, information and an example of useful citizenship without any pay; other than a desire to make a difference in a kid’s life.. My goal right now is to simply get this child in college. I fear with a 1.3 GPA it will take some time to penetrate her desire for a successful life.. I will use your amazingly clear example above with hope that she can connect the act of perseverance with success. Please keep reading and writing.

  2. LP,

    Your posts constantly make me think of tools of the trade or topics of advice I have learned over the years. One of them for addressing the long, purple moments is to stop them before they start by keeping your hand moving. Ninety nine percent of all writers write their first drafts badly, so it’s just as well that we all put down everything that comes to mind, without stopping, and do the contemplating later – with freshly baked cookie in hand!

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