Coming to Grips with Your Writing Style…Or Not?

I don’t pretend to be Charles Dickens. Let’s just get that out in the open.

I’m not yet a brilliant writer, nor have I completely mastered the art of the comma, but I do understand that the way I write now is reflective of not only my place in life, but also of my upbringing, dialect, humor, thought process, and general way of expression.

And I hate it.

I’m not content with the way I write now – my writing style, if you will. My tone always seems different when I jump from this blog to fiction writing to poetry, though I try for something a little more consistent.

Then again, I suppose that’s just another part of figuring myself out. What do I want to write? How do I want to write it? And what subject do I want to write about?

I’m not sure that any writer, successful or not, starts out writing as well as they do later on. Writing is a craft, and it takes practice. So though your writing style may not be up to the caliber you wish it to be, it is, currently, the only style you’ve got, and you might as well work with it until something better comes along.

Writers are always too hard on themselves, so learning to accept what you’ve been given and taking the time to hone your craft is what’s important. Don’t worry about being Dickens yet.


On a somewhat relatable note, I was going to find a little inspirational quote about writing style to put down here, but instead I stumbled across this.

Click the photo to go to the website!

Click the photo to go to the website!

It’s a website called I Write Like that tells you what writer you most write like. All you have to do is put in a few paragraphs of your writing and it does the rest.

Now, I tried a few different pieces just to make sure this thing was consistent (one of those pieces being my Literary Work #1 poem), and it seems to function properly, though I’m not entirely certain if it’s accurate.
I write like william gibson

Apparently I write like William Gibson (whom, after a brief Google search, I learned is the father of cyberpunk). I’ve never read any of his work, so maybe the similarity is there, but I suggest you guys give it a try and see what you all think. Maybe you’ll be Dickens after all.


12 thoughts on “Coming to Grips with Your Writing Style…Or Not?

  1. That’s a nice site, thank you~
    Based on four excerpts from my recent blogposts I write like William Gibson, H. P. Lovecraft (twice) or Cory Doctorov, a steampunk writer it seems. Quite obviously I’m a very schizophrenic writer ^^

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