Moderately Meditated: Weathering the Weather

It’s amazing what the weather can do for your mood.

It seems like only a few days ago ice crystals were forming on my skin as I made the long trek to my morning class. My entire face would be pink when I arrived, despite my best efforts to deter the wind’s effects with a scarf. I often considered the social acceptability of wearing a full ski mask in public.

Maybe if I had one of these…

Winter seemed to drag on forever, even as the calendar made its switch, the weather decided that cold needed to stick around a little bit longer. I was dreaming of the day when I didn’t have to bundle up in layer upon layer of clothing, put on snow boots, and reexamine why I chose to attend a college so far from the Equator.

All I’ve wanted to do since the first snowflake fell is read a book outside with a glass of iced tea and get lost in a world with no bothers at all. I’ve wanted to sit in a bookshop with my laptop, surrounded by the smell of printed paper and café beverages, and write something. Anything. Winter had made it so that I barely had the will to get out of bed in the morning, let alone write something worth reading.

But the winds have shifted, my friends. This morning brought chirping birds, bright sun rays, and the ever annoying boom of skateboarders wiping out in the parking lot near my open window. Yes. Today will be a good day.

And while I may not have the time to write anything creative today (that isn’t for a class) besides this blog post, I will go to bed tonight having felt well-motivated and productive with healthy doses of Vitamin D absorbed into my skin. I will have felt the warm relief Spring brings, my mood greatly improved.

And when I awake tomorrow, it will be raining.



8 thoughts on “Moderately Meditated: Weathering the Weather

  1. Is there an end-of-season sale somewhere? I need that ski mask! Just when my flowers have begun to bloom. . . the weather forecast is for snow. . . NOOOOOOO! I feel your need for sunshine and iced tea!

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