5 Free Smart Phone Apps for Aspiring Authors

The art of writing has really evolved hasn’t it? Computers were a big hit with the writing community, and as technology grows, so do the ways in which writers can…well, write. Though some remain true to the traditional form of pen to paper, an increasing number of creators are looking for innovative ways in which they can explore their art form. And who can blame them? These apps are pretty cool.

Generating an Idea

Daily Diary

Morning pages, anyone? An update on the traditional diary, this app is an easy-to-use journal for writing down ideas, keeping notes, and storing word-vomit. I plan to become a frequent user of this app, typing in a few thoughts in the morning (I was never good at keeping up with the physical morning pages anyway) in order to maintain that creative output great authors need.

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Flash Fiction Prompter

Never again shall writer’s block infect us! This colorful app, though slightly cheesy, provides any combination of ideas for a stuck writer. With lists of prompts for characters, settings, and plots all on what look to be remixed UNO cards, this app is different from the average prompt app in that it doesn’t just give one singular prompt at a time, but instead it offers all three types at once, allowing the user to match each suggestion with the desired complement.

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The Writing Process

Dragon Dictation

An app for those times when you need to get an idea down before it’s gone. This app helps relieve some of that writing stress associated with not being able to jot down an idea fast enough. It’s a fairly simply designed app (which I absolutely adore), that is programmed to write what the user speaks. It’s like having a little secretary in your phone. What’s better is it appears to understand words relatively well – no more “Did you mean…pterodactyl?”

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A Novel Idea

Essentially, this app helps keep the scatterbrained writer less…scattered. It provides a great planning system for those brave enough to venture into novel writing. Scenes, characters, locations, ideas, and novels are broken up into their own categories. Each category has a list for the writer to create and keep track of important details. Each category can even be attached to another category (for example, attaching a certain location with a certain idea) for even more efficient planning. Some categories, like characters, have mini-sections for creating the ultimate fake-person, ranging anywhere from their role in the story to their skills and talents. You can even lock the app so wandering eyes can’t steal your work. Writing just became a little less daunting.

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Becoming Awesome

Story Tracker Lite

Granted, I haven’t actually published anything (yet), but I imagine that when I do, this app will be a wonderful tool. This one is really an app for those who have been published or are submitting work to be published. Users can keep track of where their submissions have gone, stories that have been published, money made, and various other bookkeeping tricks to make the writing life a bit more organized. It even keeps track of how many times you’ve been rejected. But let’s dwell on the positive…

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