Blog Boost: rpdpod

In Monday’s post, I had a little bit of a rant about some people who, quite honestly, annoy me (which I feel kind of regretful about posting). So today I wanted to mention someone who doesn’t annoy me.

Some of you who have been following me long enough might recall the photograph poem I posted a while back – Paige’s Pages: A Literary Work #1. The inspiration for this poem came from a photo/painting (take a look and tell me what you think it is) that I had found while creating an assignment for one of my college courses.

I’ve also mentioned in another post of mine – What I’m Inspired By: Photography – how the art of one person can often times jumpstart the art of another. Creation is a difficult task for anyone, so why not find your inspiration in the creations of another?

Well each day when I browse my Reader, I find one, if not several, new photographs by my fellow blogger Paul Davis, or rpdpod. As one of the only photography blogs that I currently follow, rpdpod is a great source of inspiration not only for me, but for his other followers.

His mostly landscape photography demonstrates the mastery he has acquired (according to his Archives) over years of experience behind the lens. He titles the photos, but usually keeps the captions short or nonexistent, letting the art speak for itself.

He experiments with different techniques, subjects, and colors, keeping the photos refreshing to look at and admire. His blog is basically void of any personal information or context for the photography. Paul Davis is a true artist, letting his work take the spotlight.

If you haven’t seen his work before or are interested in following rpdpod, I strongly suggest you check him out. Even if you’re not an artist who needs to find that special inspiration, everyone can use something nice to look at, right? And Paul Davis delivers.

blog boost2

Click the picture to check out the blog!


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