Redesign: Knowing When the Time is Right

So I’ve made a life-changing decision just now.


Not life-changing in the shave-my-head-get-a-pet-alligator-and-move-to-Brazil kind of way, but in the I-hope-this-has-some-sort-of-impact-on-my-life kind of way.


And I made this decision because I’ve noticed something:


My room is a mess.


This is odd because I’m normally a cleanly person. But because of my recent move back home for the summer, my room is more a storage closet and less of a place to sleep. I can’t handle the clutter. My brain is just…nope.


I think the clutter and the mess has clogged up my brain and caused it to malfunction, because I can’t seem to keep on track with what I want to accomplish. My environment is affecting my actions. But is my environment just my bedroom? No.


It’s also how I spend my time, which now seems to be mostly comprised of rushing. I’ve been racing around so much that blogging has become more of a chore than a pleasure. My work has suffered.


Lately, I’ve noticed a dramatic decrease in my number of views and rate at which I gain readers, and I’m attributing this to my lack of quality content.  I haven’t had the time to create really good writing or think of these rich ideas that spark other ideas in my readers. I haven’t been treating my readers fairly.


I got so caught up in trying to build a following faster, posting as much as I could to get the most views that I forgot what was really the point of this writing. My whole purpose when starting this blog was to talk about life with those who wanted to listen. I wanted to discuss how we go through life, what we think about, and how that affects the people we become. I wanted to discuss dreams, goals, and things that are funny or irritating. I wanted to talk about the things that are important.


This blog was supposed to be my outlet for my brain, not its destroyer. It’s time to redesign:


I’ve decided to blog only once a week.


This post is on a Monday, but starting next week, I will post every Friday. My topics and categories will still be the same, but hopefully the content will be less scatterbrained and more enjoyable for you all. Considering I should have more time to write and edit my posts, I’m looking forward to more posts  I’m proud of.


And with a little extra free time freed up, maybe I’ll clean up my room a little.


This image was selected as a picture of the we...

Alright…cleaning’s done.

In addition to this redesign, I’ll also be experimenting with the layout and design of my blog a little more. So if you’re a consistent reader of mine, don’t be alarmed if you see a few changes (though feel free to shoot me a comment and let me know what you think).


So maybe this blogging thing wasn’t going as smoothly as I had first hoped, but I’m trying to be more adaptable to change. A little redesign never hurt as long as it’s for the right reasons and at the right time. Hopefully this change will leave us all a little happier.


4 thoughts on “Redesign: Knowing When the Time is Right

  1. Just take a deep breath and keep writing no matter what….if you need things to keep clean while you re-organize…you will do it because you love writing…obviously….I will be sad if there are no blogs from you…; )

    • Don’t worry! I will definitely keep writing and blogging. I just won’t be doing it three times a week anymore. I’m not leaving you guys! No worries at all 🙂

  2. Good luck! Sometimes taking a step back makes all the difference. I’m a firm believer in not overworking yourself!

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