Blog Boost: Becky Says Things

I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but the word “life” is the first word in “LifeAccordinglee.” And one would assume that, with that kind of a name, the person who created this blog must have intended to, at least at some point, write about life. And because I am the proud owner of this lovely work-in-progress, I guess that would mean I should be writing about life.

And I suppose I do.

For the most part.

Starting out, I had indeed intended this blog  to be more of a mishmash of my opinions on life and all the positive, negative, and hilarious things that come with it, but lately the blog has evolved by focusing more on regular life and the life of a writer (essentially, my own life). And although this evolution might not necessarily be a bad change (or a good one), it certainly has left behind the original purpose of the blog: writing about life’s…things.

Though I may have failed in this department, my next featured blogger has not. Becky writes about things.

Becky Says Things is one of my recent blogging finds. She’s quirky. She’s funny. She’s British. Not to mention, fantastically clever.

Basically, Becky says things about all sorts of things. Becky says things about the dentist. Becky says things about monstrous things about working in an office. Becky says things about failed exercise attempts.

Becky says things about things normal people constantly think about yet overlook when seeking inspiration for a story. This is why I’m saying these things about Becky.

I think she’s absolutely hysterical. She writes with a strong, personal voice that makes the stories feel like they’re being spoken to you by your close friend. Her concept is original: she uses a Stickman and various other drawings to illustrate and add further detail to her stories. She’s been FreshlyPressed, which is a huge accomplishment in itself, but I think her blog deserves even more recognition. That is why I’m saying things about Becky Says Things.

Please check out her blog, like a post, follow, fall in love. I don’t know how she doesn’t have a million followers by now, but she definitely deserves them. I only wish I could find the way to say so many clever things about so many…things.

Click the picture below to check it out!

blog boost3


2 thoughts on “Blog Boost: Becky Says Things

  1. Well if that isn’t the most fantastically lovely thing I’ve ever seen in my life, I don’t know what is. You’re a legend, thank you SO much for boosting me, and I’m so pleased you enjoy the things that I say!
    This has made my day, and made me forget about my root canal 😉
    Thanks love xx

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