Paige’s Pages: A Literary Work #2

Wake Up

Wake up, Master.

I’ve been sitting at the end of the bed

waiting for you to


wake up.

It’s 4 a.m. Time to take me outside.

Green carpet is not grass.

I remembered to


wake up, Master.

It’s time to roll out of bed.

You can get clean

while I search for cold crunchy bacon

in the garbage can


you wake up, Master?

It’s time to eat your breakfast.

My empty bowl is on the floor

still from a week ago.

Not today, you’re late again.

I bark and I yell and you never


wake up.

It’s time to leave for work. I’ll watch you go

in that machine that smells like hospitals.

Don’t worry, I’ll protect

the house while you


wake up, Master.

It’s time for me to nap a while too, dreaming of

when I can leap up, lick your face,

but I forgot: no jumping when you


wake up.

It’s time for you to come home so I can

drop my lamb at your feet, the one you bought me once you


wake up, Master.

It’s time to pat my head and,

when you do, that’s all I’ll need.


But until then, I’m still sitting here,

waiting for you to open your eyes,

wake up,

and see my smiling face.